Become Job Ready with The Best Information Technology Institute in Australia

   Australia is one of the most favoured destinations for higher studies among international students. With some of the top universities of the world situated here, studying Information Technology from an Australian University is a dream for many. For all those wanting to do an IT graduation or post-graduation course from Australia, Echoes Global Education provides assistance and consultation for a hassle-free admission, visa and stay in Australia.

   However getting a degree in IT is not enough. To get a job in the IT field and stay in Australia after you have completed the studies you will need to enroll for a job readiness program – the Professional Year Program Information Technology.  This is a special 44 week study and training program designed for all overseas students who have completed two years of study in the field of IT from a University in Australia and is structured with the combination of formal learning and gaining experience of the workplace. 32 weeks will be practical training and studies and 12 weeks of job internship with a company.

Advantages of Professional Year Program

There are several advantages are available for Professional Year Program. Some of these are:

  • The program is considered as a gateway to obtain the vital work experience by providing you an internship in a Australian company. It will boost your professional skills in your specific field which is essential to get the job opportunities.
  • This program will help you to understand the basic workplace culture, professional ethics, and code of conduct and essential knowledge for business communication in Australia.
  • Only the graduation degree is not sufficient to pursue a quality job in Australia. By selecting the Best Profession Year Program IT, you can acquire the required knowledge, work experience, skills and eligibilities that are demanded by the companies to get a quality job in Australia.
  • If you can complete this program successfully, you will able to acquire five points additionally for permanent residency with respect to the migration scheme of general skill in Australia.
  • This program will offer you the advice for getting a quality job and the right way which will improve your communication skills for perfect matching with the workforce in Australia.


   Finally, we at Echoes Global Education can assure that the Professional Year Program offered by us will definitely help you to boost your knowledge, communication skills and practical experience which are essential to pursue a lucrative job and get the opportunity for residence permanently in Australia.

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